HQ Power is committed to integrating itself in the community and becoming a main actor on the economic and social welfare of the Mamba Sector community where it works. Beyond the various authorizations and contractual agreement with Rwandese authorities, HQ Power sees herself as a guest in the Akanyaru community and Gisagara District in large. To that purpose, HQ Power is dedicated to being a good neighbor and improve the living standards of the community. Apart from local people employment, local purchasing, and the compensations offered to the project affected persons (PAPs) through land expropriation; HQ Power has developed a Corporate Social Responsibility program around different thematic areas that continue to be enhanced over time during the lifespan of the project. Amongst the key areas include education, housing, health, and livelihood restoration / resilience programs (on agriculture and domestic animals – pig and cow project targeting vulnerable persons.)

Education – Support to Kabumbwe Primary School

On 11th May 2021 HQ Power project donated a 40 ft container to Kabumbwe Primary School for the library purpose. The 40ft container was repurposed into a library that is expected to serve over 1700 pupils enrolled at Kabumbwe Primary School. Key improvements were made to transform and remodel the container into a usable library resource room. This included installation of two (2) glass windows, a front door, electrical installations, painting of both internal and the exterior, fixing of bookshelves and ventilation equipment’s. Further HQ Power mobilized resources through fundraising and equipped the library with the required number of books per class as guided by the school management. In an effort to enhance proper sanitary hygiene at the primary school, Yumn Project also constructed a block of toilet with six (6) rooms including a special room designed to serve persons living with disabilities. The block of toilets are expected to reduce congestion on the existing facilities, serve both boys and girls in order to improve on the overall hygiene at the school.

Repurposed library container
Block of Toilets constructed by Yumn Project at Kabumbwe Primary School to improve the hygiene and Sanitation condition of the pupils.

Housing – Community low-cost housing project

As part of support for vulnerable persons, Yumn Ltd -HQ Power Project linked up with the local Mamba Sector authorities on 10th August 2020 to commence on an ambitious project meant to construct 33 low-cost houses in Kabumbwe cell. As of November 2021, all the 33 low-cost houses targeted to be constructed were completed and handed over to the beneficiaries. The handover event was graced by the acting Mayor for Gisagara Mr. NTAGANZWA Atanas, Mamba Sector Executive Secretary Mr. Eugene MANIRARORA, HQ Power Project chairperson Mr. Ahmet Karasoy accompanied by the project manager Mr. Tonci Tadic amongst other invited guests. Madam AHOBANTEGEYE Domithiria a Mother of 9 children pictured with 5 below, expressed her joy of receiving a house.

Gisagara District acting Mayor together with the Project Management team at the official hand over of the community houses to the beneficiaries.
Community house beneficiaries and their neighbors celebrating together with Project and Gisagara District officials at the  hand over of the houses.

Health – Muetelle de sante

Yumn Limited -HQ Power project committed to support vulnerable PAP households with Muetelle de sante health insurance cover. In the financial year 2019/2020 the Project covered 561 households with 2,000 beneficiaries, whereas in 2021/2022 financial year the project covered 189 households with 1,000 beneficiaries. The health insurance targets both Yumn project affected persons (PAPs) / households, and at large the vulnerable families in Mamba Sector – the local authority hosting the project. This is meant ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all in line with global sustainable development goal (SDG) and Rwanda community-based health insurance program (or CBHI) on universal access for all.

Livelihoods Restoration program / Resilience – Cow & Pig Project

Yumn Limited – HQ Power understands that the peat production operations have impacted on the livelihoods of families who relied on peat land for their farming activities. The project has hence embarked on improving and enhancing the local people livelihoods to better status than pre-project levels through enhancing their households’ incomes. Apart from prioritizing households affected by the project in the employment policy, HQ power has a project aimed towards provision of Cows and Pigs to the vulnerable households. From November 2020 through March 2021, a total of 3 cows and 57 pigs were donated to 60 households serving approximately 240 family members within Kabumbwe and Gakoma cells of Mamba Sector. It is anticipated that as a result, the household head’s ability to provide for their household’s needs will improve from the sale of offspring’s, milk, and application of organic manure to their farms which will increase food production. In the financial year 2021 /2022, Yumn project has targeted 51 vulnerable households with approximately 200 family members to benefit from the Cow / Pig / chicken donation project. Pictured below is the donation of cows and pigs on 11th December 2020 on vulnerable people at the community Playground in Gahararo village.

RUVEBANA Alphonse and UWITONZE Valentine receiving cows from HQ Power Project management

Water- Access to safe drinking water

Yumn Ltd -HQ Power Project supported Gakoma Catholic Church Parish – Nun’s housing to rehabilitate two water tanks of 5,000 liter’s each which were dilapidated and abandoned. The tanks are anticipated to serve not only the nuns housing but the worshippers at Gakoma Catholic Church Parish in mamba Sector. The rehabilitation works of the two tanks involved plastering and interior works, installation of roofing, exterior cleaning and re- connection to the main water supply line. The Church and Parish in general were thankful to the Project Management for the noble act.

Yumn Limited-HQ Power Project technicians during water tank rehabilitation at Gakoma Church Nuns residence.