On March 23rd, the Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA) launched the upgrade of the 30km long Save-Mamba road. This piece of infrastructure is crucial for the timely implementation of the HQ Power project since it will constitute the main access to the power plant site, and will be needed to carry the couple hundreds containers and large equipment shipments necessary for the erection of the plant. This road will also improve connectivity to remote areas of Gisagara district and therefore represents a major positive externality of the project to the benefit of the population.

Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA) is a public institution with legal personality, administrative and financial autonomy. It is under the Ministry of Infrastructure(MININFRA) responsible for managing all day-to-day aspects of the transport sector in Rwanda. It was put in place by Organic Law No 02∕2010 of 20∕01∕2010 establishing its mission, structure and functioning.

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